Dzisiaj pojawiła się nowa EPka norweskiego zespołu, który nie tak dawno gościł w Polsce - Team Me! “Female Lead" składa się zarówno z piosenek, które nie znalazły swojego miejsca na ich debiutanckim albumie "To The Treetops!”, jak i tych, które zespół nagrał w czasie trasy koncertowej. Jednego z utworów - “Sixteen Steps" - można posłuchać tutaj: soundcloud


Team Me's brand new EP is released today! It's the Norwegian band, which visited Poland not so long ago. “Female Lead" includes songs, which were not placed on their debut album "To The Treetops!" and these, which the band recorded during the tour. You can listen to one of the songs - "Sixteen Steps" - right here: soundcloud


Team Me:

"We are very exited to share the news that we are releasing a new EP today! Some of the songs have been following the band for a long while; others were made while working on our debut album and recorded on the road. Now they have all found their way to this EP, which is called “Female Lead” and will be available on vinyl and digital. The song “Sixteen Steps” from the EP can already be downloaded for free, in the first window at the wonderful Alternativ Julekalender (Alternative Advent calendar). 

Takk to all of you who have supported us thru this adventurous year, love from Team Me!” 


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