Zawieszenie. // Suspension.

Z powodu braku czasu jesteśmy zmuszone na jakiś czas zawiesić stronę. Dziękujemy wszystkim zainteresowanym. Koncertujcie jak szaleni, odkrywajcie nowe dźwięki, popadajcie w zauroczenie nowymi zespołami. Siemka!
Due to lack of time we have to temporaly suspend the page. Thanks to everyone who was interested. Go to concerts, discover new sounds, fall in love with new bands. Cheerio!


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Tribes jakiś czas temu ogłosili zawieszenie działalności, ale my nadal o nich pamiętamy. Wokalista zespołu, Johnny Lloyd, założył solowy projekt i miesiąc temu ukazał się poniższy klip do jego singla. Wideo warte obejrzenia, kawałek wart posłuchania. Klimat Tribes wisi w powietrzu ;)


Tribes split some time ago but we still remember them. Their vocalist, Johnny Lloyd, started a solo project and the clip to his single (below) came out a month ago. The video is worth watching, the song worth listening to. Tribes’ atmosphere is still in the air ;)


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12 listopada Jack White zagra w Krakowie dwa koncerty! Więcej informacji na stronie Alterklubu ;) // Jack White will play two shows on the 12th of November in Cracow! For more info go to ALTERKLUB ;)


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Bardzo przykra wiadomość.. // Very sad news..

Crystal Fighters:

Dear Friends and Family of Crystal Fighters,

It is with deep regret and great sadness that we announce the tragic passing of our drummer and friend, Andrea Marongiu.

Andrea was not only one of the most brilliant, skilful and charismatic drummers to have ever graced the stage, but also an incredibly kind, fun and loving friend to us all. Our condolences go out to anyone who was lucky enough to have known him, and most particularly to his family.

We are all completely heartbroken by this news and we can’t hold back the tears as we write this message to you. Andrea, thank you for all the incredible joy and life you brought to this band and to our lives for the last four years. We love you and we miss you more than words can say right now.

Buon viaggio amico.

With love always from
Sebastian, Gilbert, Graham, Ellie, Nila, Clarissa, Mimi, Laure and all CF crew. Life will never be the same without you here brother xxx


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Frontman The Strokes w ostrzejszym, psychodelicznym/garażowym wydaniu. Julian Casablancas + The Voidz prezentują nowy klip - koniecznie obejrzyjcie!


The Strokes' frontman in a heavier, psychedelic/garage version. Julian Casablancas + The Voidz present a new video - you have to check it out!


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